This MSN Community forum is open to anyone interested in traffic signals or road signs.  The community features a quite active message board, chat room, and extensive photo archive of collector's signals/signs as well as signals/signs in the "real world".

In order to join, there are only two requirements... Interest in the subject of signs and signals, and a valid e-mail address. The main condition for membership is that members display their e-mail address in the club so that communication between members outside of the club environment is possible.  This is viewed as a courtesy and a matter of trust between all members.  Also, confidentiality is considered because community members are the only ones who may view your other words, the "outside world" does not have the ability to view the club. Please when you join, be sure that your e-mail address is visible by going to your member tools, then go to e-mail settings and check the box "Allow other community members to view my e-mail address".  Please be advised that this condition is very important to comply with, as weekly our managers check and if a member's address is missing from their profile, we reserve the right to revoke membership. Also, be aware that all submitted email addresses will be verified with a "Welcome" message.  Members who try to use bogus email addresses that return an undeliverable error message, will be deleted from the club.

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