W.S. Darley Signal

W.S. Darley four-way beacon with McBeth-Evans lenses.

Lamp/reflector assembly.  Note cast visor and lens unit twists off completely...this signal doesn't have door hinges.

Inside view of signal showing the mechanical/ magnetic disc flasher unit.

Close up view of the W.S. Darley logo that is cast into each visor.

Simple design, but this signal has a few remaining survivors still in service today!

100th signal.  Darley fixed face 12 light 4-way with original lenses.

Signal as it arrived in shipping crates.

Basic signal without lamps, or visors installed.

Lamps installed.

Final signal assembly. Darley features "true green" lenses and integral controller with 40 second cycle.  Intervals produced by controller include green/yellow overlaps on main street and green/yellow - yellow/red overlaps on cross street.