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Traffic Signals

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Vehicular signal brands that have been collected by Signalfan:


Automatic Signal/LFE




General Electric

Indicator Controls Corp.








Pedestrian signal brands that have been collected by Signalfan:




Indicator Controls Corp.


Signal Back Logo Examples



Above two photos illustrate different versions of the eagle logo on the back of a 50's era signal.


The left photo shows the "tire with wings" logo of Automatic Signal is one of the more decorative logos gracing the backs of older signals. On the right, Econolite's encircled logo with grooved back.


Two views of the back of an Econolite combo signal. Note the "bulls eye" pattern in the picture on the left.  This is very unique to this brand of signal.  The photo on the right shows a newer version of the Econolite signal where the grooves stop about 1/2" from the end of the case.  This was an improvement because of complaints that the old style was subject to water seeping into the crack between sections.


On the left is an example of Safetran's logo, which is proudly displayed on thousands of polycarbonate signal bodies.  Safetran is also known for it's railroad highway crossing signals. On the right, the back of a Winko-Matic aluminum signal showing it's custom design and manufacturer plate.


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